Las Hermanas Huerta Discografia Descargar __EXCLUSIVE__ ✌🏿

Las Hermanas Huerta Discografia Descargar __EXCLUSIVE__ ✌🏿 1



Las Hermanas Huerta Discografia Descargar

· 0.6 0.6 · · 6/05/20051 ·Q: Does a comment imply endorsement? I recently asked about this question on the parenting stack exchange and there was someone who commented that they were a fan of the D-Link ND-USB-100NAS. It seems to me that this is an endorsement and basically shoving the product in our face which to me is not how questions and answers should be presented on the internet. Personally I think this is the same as if you were to ask an opinion about a company, product, service, or political party. Now I have noticed that this is not the first time that it has happened on the parenting stack exchange, but I’m not sure if there is any policy in place to prevent this or what we can do to correct the situation (if we want). I’m not here to start a flame war about this, but I just feel really bad when somebody tries to endorse something that isn’t even related to the question. This isn’t to imply that any of the other comments on that site are endorsements of any product or service, but I believe that this one is out of place and was wondering what my fellow moderators think about this. Thank you for your time and don’t hesitate to down vote any comments that you feel are inappropriate or not necessary. I appreciate you taking the time to read this. A: These are comments, not answers. There’s nothing wrong with them. Your question was directed at a list of NAS devices, and a user responded pointing you to their favorite device. What you would do if you were the original poster is to either post an answer stating the suggestion was good, or reject the comment as being off-topic. A: Comments are inappropriate when they are spam, or serve no other purpose than to take up the space required for such a comment to be posted, but they are also inappropriate when they are misplaced. They are inappropriate when they are attempts to evangelize a product that is completely off-topic to the question in the first place. Comments are not answers and should only be posted to ask for clarification on something you do not understand. The comments in this question certainly do not serve that purpose. That they have been posted in the first place should be evidence enough that they do not serve that purpose. With that out of the way:

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