Solucionario Ingenieria Mecanica Dinamica William F Riley Leroy D 131 📌

Solucionario Ingenieria Mecanica Dinamica William F Riley Leroy D 131 📌

Solucionario Ingenieria Mecanica Dinamica William F Riley Leroy D 131 📌 1

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Solucionario Ingenieria Mecanica Dinamica William F Riley Leroy D 131

solucionario ingenieria mecanica dinamica william f riley leroy d 131 Riley x 1 update Riley x 1 times for 50 s each time, then washed 3 times with PBS. Differential interference contrast (DIC) was applied to the glass chamber with the addition of 4,6-diamidino-2-phenylindole for 5 s. A quick 1 × excitation of the sample at 405 nm was applied to enable visualization of the DIC signal from the zeptoliter droplet. A solid-state laser (10 mW at a wavelength of 532 nm) was focused into a 1 × 1 mm^2^ spot at the bottom of the water droplet with a low numerical aperture immersion objective (NA = 0.13). The fluorescence signal was simultaneously collected using the same objective and was collected in transmission mode (maximum fluorescence emission of 2% at 730 nm). The image of the fluorescence was projected on a CCD camera (10 μm × 10 μm) using epi-fluorescence. The fluorescence signal was recorded at a high speed of 2000 frames per second. Image processing and analysis were carried out using custom code developed by either us or the author^[@CR76]^. More specifically, at any given time, the positions of the two fluorescent foci were estimated at the half amplitude of the Gaussian intensity profile of the foci in the TIRF image (step size: 1/20 s). The distance between the two foci was determined as the difference in displacement between two frames. Individual movies were processed as follows: (1) the distance between the two foci at a given time was measured for each frame of the movie; (2) a histogram of the displacement was built over the entire recording; (3) the average displacement was computed for the first 10 minutes (the first 100 s of a typical recording); and (4) the distribution of displacements of each typical recording (typically 100) was then fitted with a Gaussian function. Further experimental details can be found in the supplementary material. Electronic supplementary material ================================= {#Sec15} Supporting Information **Electronic supplementary material**

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