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Client Outlook x32 – PCBoxSetup.exe – Windows XP [97-2003] .Polio vaccine bought illegally in Romania and sold in Ukraine and Hungary Published duration 6 March 2017 media caption Full warning here for the UK, US and other countries as a polio outbreak spreads A child in Romania has been diagnosed with polio after receiving the oral vaccine, and the BBC has found polio virus is being sold illegally in pharmacies in Ukraine and Hungary. There were now 139 confirmed cases of polio in Europe. There is a world-wide polio alert because of the threat of more cases being detected. A former health worker from Somalia was also charged with falsifying certificates. The man, who was described by a court as “evil” and “con-trick”, was also charged with attempting to spread a communicable disease. The polio outbreak in Europe began in Nigeria in 2016 when the virus was reported in Somalia. An outbreak of polio in Ukraine was declared on 23 February. Polio is a crippling and fatal disease affecting the nervous system. It spreads when a person is infected with the virus and their digestive system is not functioning properly. Polio vaccines are in short supply in the region due to conflicts and a lack of infrastructure. The anti-polio campaign in Somalia was started in 2011 and vaccination started in 2013. The polio immunisation drive in 2016 was coordinated by UN agencies and the Somali government. In 2016, 30,000 children under the age of five got polio vaccinations. Ukraine’s health ministry said seven children were diagnosed with the virus, which was also reported in Hungary’s north county of Harghita. Polio is notifiable in Ukraine and anyone coming in contact with the disease is required to seek medical treatment. It is primarily a disease that affects children, however it can also affect adults. In 2017, the vaccination drive is taking place in countries with highest risk of outbreaks: Syria, Afghanistan and northern Nigeria. Ukraine’s health minister has offered to help countries that are affected by the outbreak.There is a new Kickstarter launching today called Knightmare Tower, it’s an RPG / Tower Defense style game where you play an explorer. A game to learn for old-school nerds and provide a fun experience for new-school gamers. You start at the bottom, using a magical artifact to get to the top of the tower. But the game has a a2fa7ad3d0


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